Mining Contractors and Engineers

A wide range of raise drills in our fleet – including Redpath’s own Redbore line – means we can provide small hole openings from 0.7m diameter for slot or boxholes for stoping to large 8.0m diameter holes for ventilation or production shaft facilities.

Contract Mining

Clients the world over have commissioned Redpath to engineer and perform production drilling and blasting of their mineral deposits. These services extend to ore haulage, crushing and conveyance to surface for processing.


Project management, design, specification, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning and regulatory approvals are all part of engineering services Redpath offers.

Underground Construction

Redpath builds underground shop facilities and refuge stations, ore handling and conveyance systems consisting of chutes, grizzlies, conveyors, ore transfers, ore and waste bins, crushers and loading pockets.

Mobile Equipment

Redpath owns an extensive equipment fleet. With units around the globe, we are able to mobilize quickly and efficiently, delivering high quality mine contracting services to our clients worldwide.

Mine Development

Decline and ramp development for exploration or access as well as installation of mine infrastructure are prime elements of Redpath’s total mine service.

Challenging Ground

Redpath is recognized for expertise in addressing all types of varying or difficult ground conditions, including sand and soft or squeezing ground or water inflows, with innovative solutions.

Safety – First, Last and Always.

The health and safety of our employees comes first in Redpath’s commitment to developing a sustainable workforce. Our comprehensive safety program is implemented on all projects, reinforcing our safety culture of Safety – First, Last and Always.

Shaft Sinking

Redpath provides timely front-end engineering and design models, as well as selection and sourcing of hoisting facilities, to fast-track any shaft project.

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